Life On The Leash by Victoria Schade

This is a great book for all animal lovers.  It is about Cora Bellamy a dog trainer and runs a very successful, well organised business “ChienParfait”.  Cora promotes positive reinforcement training and this is a message that she wants to highlight when she auditions for a dog training television show.  A big part of the story is about her crush she has with one of her hot new married clients ‘Charlie Gill’ (the hottest client she has ever had).  At the same time her best friend and housemate introduces her to a single geeky guy called ‘Eli Crawford’ and Cora is torn as to what direction to take with her love life?

I focused and enjoyed reading about the dog training and the different dogs that came into Cora’s life and business.  This appealed to my love of dogs, more than the relationship issues.  Other readers however may enjoy this aspect of the book?

Cora also owns a senior rescue dog ‘Fritz’ and I have two rescue dogs myself.  This pulled at my heart strings.  It is also her kindness, compassion and commitment to helping the lives of so many dogs, that kept me eagerly reading the book.

My favourite part of the book is when she receives an email from her local dog rescue organisation, highlighting dogs that need fostering and her immediate decision to foster a dog.  She had always fostered dogs which she and ‘Fritz’ had always loved.  He always welcomed them and helped build their confidence through dog play and companionship.


“Cora scrolled through the dogs’ photos in the email.  Every single one looked adorable and her heart broke that she couldn’t take them all in.  She wrote post after post on ChienParfait about how wonderful shelter dogs were and that they weren’t broken or damaged.  She wrote about how easy fostering was and how rewarding.  She followed up with her fosters once once they were in their forever homes and told their new stories of happiness, easy living and friendship”.


Schade, V, 2018, “Life On The Leash”, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065, Australia, Pages 139-140