‘The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet’ by Calley Gibson


This is the ‘Pawfect’ read about the story of the rescue of a stray 5-week-old Staffordshire Terrier pup, who was picked up from the streets of Sydney, suffering from Rickets, a bowed back and severely malnourished. The author, Calley Gibson (‘Ma’) who is a foster carer for the Sydney based rescue group ‘Big Dog Rescue’, writes the book from the dog’s point of view. This dog who is then named ‘Pikelet’ is special because of his challenging start to life and his big personality.

Following an incident with an engagement ring belonging to Pikelet’s ‘Ma and Pa’.
It was decided that Pikelet belonged with them and had a home for life with Calley Gibson and Brad Stoll.
In the book, Pikelet explains all the subsequent foster animals that pass through his home. The daily activities and adventures are featured in the book with lots of supporting pictures of many of the foster animals (which includes ducklings, pigs and a fawn) as well as his 3 permanent dog companions.
Every animal that ‘Ma and Pa’ foster is named after food and beginning with the letter ‘P’, some of these are:
Patty Cakes, Potato, Pudding, Porridge, Pecan Pie and Pony!

As a result of the book ‘The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet’, this special pup has become an International Celebrity and Ambassador for rescue dogs.
To promote his book, Pikelet recently participated in a National Book Signing (paw print) Tour, where part of the book sale goes towards ‘Oscar’s Law’ and rescue groups, enabling other dogs to find forever homes.

The story of the book cannot be described better than by quoting Pikelet. There are many memorable and great quotes throughout the book, but this is my favourite.
“How does an ordinary pound pup with pawfect cheekbones and extremely good looks like myself end up with such a charmed life, you wonder? Well, go grab yourself a cuppa, find a comfy spot on your couch and settle in. The story that I’m about to share with you is the very extraordinary life of me, Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll.”

Gibson, C, 2017,’ The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet’, Penguin Random House, North Sydney, p3.

Book Review by
Laura Johnson

Image: © DL Webb-Smith